Re: No Response error!?

Erik (
Fri, 1 Dec 1995 12:00:23 -0500 (EST)

> Hello,
> I have been using Cuseeme successfully with Trumpet dialer.
> Now I have access to a T1 link at my job. I have installed
> Cuseeme on my computer, P-75, 16 Megs, WFWG 311, 3 com 10 base T,
> Microsoft TCP/IP-32 311b winsock, etc. All seems well, e-mail, web-
> browsing, A-OK. But when I try to connecting to any reflectors, after
> about a minute I get an error " no response from". Anyone
> have a clue, please help!!
> Thanks in advance,
> Keith
You seem to have been bitten by the 'more than one IP address' bug.
I have never been able to connect because I am connecting from work
where I am on our internal LAN via 10BaseT, and connecting to the 'net
via dialup ppp. CuSeeMe apparently tries to connect to the internal
lan and ignores the ppp connection, even though the rest of your winsock
apps work fine. I've mailed WhitePine and this list, but haven't heard
of any resolution.