ANNOUNCEMENT: New submittable reflector page

John Lauer (
Fri, 1 Dec 1995 12:47:38 -0500 (EST)

I just put the finishing touches on a newly designed web based Reflector
List. Its location is

This page is submittable for anyone who has a reflector. That way people
like Luc Volder aren't doing it manually. This page offers four list
formats that are automatically recompiled and available for download every
time a submission occurs.

The lists are:

1. Macintosh version
2. PC MRU List version
3. A fancy web table with links including a .csm link for launching
through Go CU-SeeMe Go
4. A short and sweet version for quick perusal

The .csm file format has been updated to include as much information as
possible. This includes NV/VAT port and IP information for UNIX users.

Finally, there is a background program that tries to connect to the
reflector every day. If the program goes for 7 days total without getting a
response the reflector entry is deleted and an email is sent out to the
person who submitted it. This will minimize the "No Response Error"
messages that are all to common with reflector lists.

Go CU-SeeMe Go is next on the list of updates. I've been told it doesn't
work with the latest version, so an update is in the works.

I'm thinking of merging Luc Volder's most recent list into this one. So
pretty soon it will be a huge site.

Check it out and tell everyone who has a reflector to submit it.

John Lauer