Re: PC to PC / ISDN / POTS

Michael Sweger (
Fri, 01 Dec 95 15:09:10 EDT


I'd like to add that if network address is used
you'll be talking to yourself. Therefore don't use it. The network
address is also special. I'm not sure how in this
situation only the two PC's would react with slip.

By the way, thanks for answering a question about auto answer for
modems. I'm currently installing slip on a Solbourne running SUNOS
4.1.2 and haven't been able to get the modem to auto answer an
incoming call. The modem documentation mentions the S0 register
as being auto answer, and that the units are rings. My interpretation
of this is to auto answer after the # of rings in this register has
been reached. The default is 0, therefore, answer anytime. I asked
about auto answer on IRC #unix and #unixhelp but no one currently
logged on at that time responded.

Again, thanks. :)

Mike Sweger

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> At 11:30 PM 11/29/95 -0800, steve wrote:
> >How can i use cuseeme over my isdn line WITHOUT going thru the internet
> >(in other words, I want a friend to call me direct, and establish a 2-way
> >cuseeme video teleconference). My friend has the same equipment as I do:
> >a pc, trumpet winsock, isdn, cuseeme and quickcam. The internet is slow,
> >however, and i want to know if I can bypass it. Also, this would give me
> >greater privacy, since no one else would know my ip address. Can this be
> >done? Inexpensively?
> >
> >
> >The better question is how does one do point to point on a PC to PC.
> Emile
Here is how you do it modem to modem. If you have an ISDN adapater with
software that simulates a modem it should work exactly the same ISDN to

Set both Trumpet winsocks to compatible settings (e.g., both to SLIP,
same numbers for block sizes). Make up a (different) IP number for each
winsock. Enter this fake IP number and fake name in the "hosts" file in your
winsock directory:

Setup one winsock by manually or automatically dialing in the same
commands you use to set up with a modem, e.g.



and then one more command


And hit the ESCAPE key to enable SLIP.

This modem will then me in answer mode.

On the other, just call it up.




When connected hit the escape key to enable SLIP.

Then just type in the fake IP number of the other guy into the
"connect" window to make a connection.