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shawn berkin (bmb@inlink.com)
Sat, 02 Dec 95 20:34:41 0600


I am trying to get connected to CU SeeMe and I am having trouble. I have
read over every web page and piece of information but I just can't get
it right. I downloaded the CU SeeMe program and I also downloaded the
list of nicknames. The problem is that when I am in the program and I
select the "connect" option, it asks for some IP information. There is
already an IP address entered but the next section is blank. Then once I
push the button connect, the status in the video window says connecting.
A couple of seconds later I recieve a message that says no response. I
have no idea what my problem is. I think that I might need to find a
copy of Binhex and Zipit to open up the nickname list.Please help.

My e-mail address is: bmb@inlink.com
Thank You!