Re: Source code for CU-SEE ME

Mubashir Cheema (
Sun, 3 Dec 1995 00:44:22 +0000 ()

> > > Where can I get a hold of the source code for
> > > CU-See-Me ? I need the PC version. I am trying to
> > > port it to LINUX.
> Why? There's already Linux version of "nv" and "vat".
> Would be nice if you could look into a writing a Linux driver for the
> QuickCam for windows instead... :-)

A few months ago I sent the Connectix people an email about
releasing technical information QuickCam so that I could try
writing a driver for Linux and their reply was very encouraging.
I have since then not been able to find the time to do it.

If anybody is interested they should check with the Connectix

Mubashir Cheema