My $.02 (was:CU_SeeMe )

Bill Woodland (
Sun, 03 Dec 1995 01:52:48 -0600

>From: "marshall katz" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: CU_SeeMe
> Background: The CU-SeeMe Local Video Window apparently has to stay
> open all the time (I guess for technical reasons). I now have 5

CU-SeeMe already keeps the position of the audio window, and has an option
to bring it up if it is closed. I would suggest adding an option to keep
the local window minimized (since most of us already know what WE look
like), and another option to keep the audio closed (for those of us that
don't use the audio portion).

> 1. Combine all the taskbar options from the CUSM Window into the
> Local Video Window task bar;
> 2. Make the Audio Window a part of the Local Video window or make it
> smaller to fit horizontally under the Local Video Window;
> 3. Participants Window could remain the same or be incorporated as a
> scroll option of the Local Video Window at the bottom along with
> Transmission, etc.; and

Now that the PC version has the chat window, add the participant list to the
right side of it, with special characters beside the names to designate
Senders (@), Senders not showing (*) and Lurkers (!). This would make it
look very similar to an IRC chat client. Operators in IRC chat channels are
shown with the at (@) sign in front of their nickname. Use the RIGHT mouse
button to click on a name in the list to bring up the following menu choices:
open their video
close their video
freeze their window (toggle)
keep on top (toggle)
filter msgs (toggle)
Also add a button to the bottom of the list to open or close the chat
portion of this window.

> 4. Incorporate a dialer option into CU-SeeMe as the number of clicks
> needed to logon to a reflector should be reduced.

A dialer has been written for the PC and a link to it is on my web page.
Unfortunately, this dialer would add another window, because it is a
seperate program, but it works well.

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