ThinkPad 755CD

Sun, 3 Dec 95 08:53:00 EST


> I am using cu-seeme on a 750cs thinkpad. The wpine alpha does not
> work. Try the cornell version. ... I am using the QCam

Funny, my White Pine and Cornell software work the same way on a
ThinkPad 755CD. I can receive video from NASA, but I can't capture
local video and therefore can't transmit to anyone. Video
transmission is what I need to do. If anything, the White Pine stuff
looks slicker than the Cornell original software I started with.

My boss says that capture used to work before we upgraded to
Windows-95. Would you mind sharing pertinent details about the device
drivers and .ini and config.sys and (etc etc) settings that work for

I do not have QCam. I have an 8mm video camera that plugs into a
video port on the right hand side of the ThinkPad 755CD. Is the QCam
a special camera that comes with special device drivers? Or is it
just a videocamera?

Thanks for any insights you may have.