Help:Wind/QuickCam Instal Error

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Sun, 03 Dec 1995 11:49:03 -0600

>Date: Sat, 2 Dec 1995 02:28:00 -0500
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>Subject: Help:Wind/QuickCam Instal Error
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> I just down loaded the WPine version (10A1 something like that....) of
>CUSM for windows & the Quickcam etc. Durring install it cant find my winsock
>(its there- "C:\internet\winsock" ) and then it sez something about " errors
>infinite loop... the way I etc......handle errors etc..... " ??????? Whats up
>now ??????

Try it again, and when it asks you which winsock you have, choose the second
selection. It doesn't really seem to matter.

Actually, I would suggest that you get the latest version from Cornell,
which doesn't have this problem, and has the chat window also. Get it from
this URL:

>By the way I have a IBM compat. pentium 90 system with Windows for workgroups
>3.11, DOS etc..... you know......
>Please Email an answer..... Im getting ready to bomb CU once & for all.....
>damn- those mac lovers !!!!!!
>PS- Where's the sound you promised us guys (broads too !!) !!!!!!!???????

NEWS FLASH:In case you are not aware, women are women, not BROADS. I doubt
if any of the ladies on this mailing list appreciate that term at all. Move
into this century.

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