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Peter Micahud (micahud@bishop.bishop.Hawaii.Org)
Sun, 03 Dec 95 23:05:41 1000


I'm having a problem with my Mac Quadra 660 AV using CU-SEEME software.
I've downloaded version .83b3 and although have been very successful
using it for several video conferences, it seems to have developed a
problem with audio. Basically the microphone seems to have lost its
sensitivity. Sometimes will will tell me that it can't locate a sound
input device, but mostly the mic levels are always very weak. I've used
external mics, the mic in my video camera and all do the same thing,
very low levels. An associates powermac running the same software is
doing fine and in fact, my machine ran fine for several weeks...

Any thoughts... My email address is michaud@bishop.bishop.hawaii.org

Thanks in advance,

Peter Michaud