* FYI: regular broadcasting of ABC's news via CU-SeeMe

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>Subject: CUSEEME> ABC's "World News Now" Makes Broadcasting History
>ABC's "World News Now" Makes Broadcasting History
>This past Thursday morning (11/23), ABC's World News Now became the first
>regularly scheduled newscast on the internet. Now, from 2AM to 4AM ET, the
>overnight news program is available around the world to anyone with a
>computer, a connection to the internet, and CU-SeeMe - a desktop
>teleconferencing software developed by Cornell University (that's the "CU"
>The Thanksgiving Day broadcast was the result of a project begun 10 months
>ago by Victor Dorff (a freelance producer of multimedia events), and was
>made possible by a partnership of the Global SchoolNet, Netcom, and White
>Pine. And there's more to come.
>World News Now can now use CU-SeeMe and the internet to conduct interviews
>with people in places where satellite transmission would be impossible (or
>prohibitively expensive). Beginning this week, for example, World News Now
>will add a new regular segment from Australia:
>The Global SchoolNet in San Diego (http://www.gsn.org) has been using
>CU-SeeMe to connect school children from around the world with each other,
>and with world leaders. With GSN's help, World News Now has established a
>link with students in a high school near Melbourne, and, each week, the
>students and the anchors will meet over the internet for a brief chat and
>exchange of headlines.
>The entire project is made possible by the donation of a T1 line from
>Netcom (www.netcom.com), which provided the connection to the internet for
>a six-month free trial period. CU-SeeMe is available free over the internet
>from White Pine Software (www.wpine.com).
>After Tuesday, World News Now will be available on two CU-SeeMe addresses,
>one in Europe ( and one in the US (gsh.org). (Prior to that,
>only the site in Europe is running.)
>[Some technical details: The picture is black and white. (Color is expected
>in January.) The frame rate is about 20 fps at best, and most people with a
>28.8 modem won't get much more than 10 fps. (Those with a 14.4 modem will
>get either sound or video, but not both.) The audio sounds like an AM
>radio, but White Pine expects to have significantly better audio with the
>next release of the software. In fact, all these things will improve
>quickly. As I keep reminding people, it is within our lifetimes that it
>took two people to tune a television set - one to sit on the sofa, and the
>other to stand behind the set (or on the roof) adjusting the antenna.]
>If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. (Frankly, I
>love talking about this stuff.) The best way to reach me by phone is
>usually by beeping me at (800) 800 7759 and leaving a detailed message
>about when and where to call you back. You can also email me at