New Windows version 0.84b1

Richard Cogger (
Mon, 4 Dec 1995 12:24:31 -0400

A new version of CU-SeeMe for Windows is now available from Cornell
via anonymous FTP at:

and via the WEB at:

Below is a description of new features and current status prepared by Rich
Kennerly of the project team (also available as the README for this

Cheers, -Dick

(from README.TXT):

***WARNING*** This is beta software. It has been alpha tested, but we
depend on outside users to find some of the bugs for us. If you pick up
and use this software, you are volunteering to be a beta tester. Report
bugs to

-----New features in the latest release----------------------------------

The Latest version, W0.84, adds the following over the previous version

* Chat window - Lets you send and receive keyboard messages to and from
other clients. There are filters that enable you to hide text from
clients that you're not conversing with.

* QuickCam support - We now support the QuickCam parallel port camera
made by Connectix.

* Inverted Palette fixed - The inverted-looking palette that some capture
cards had (like the Promovie Spectrum and others) has been fixed. We
now support a 64 Gray palette with an 'invert' option for these cards
that will not accept the 256 Grays that CU-SeeMe used to insist upon.

* Audio fixes - The popping and clicking noises heard when there are
imperfections on the network have been much reduced. Also, when the
first packet of an audio transmission is lost, the whole transmission
is no longer ignored. A new bandwidth manager regulates outgoing
video while audio is being sent - this results in better reception.

* New version handling - The application can tell what version is running
on other client's machines (accurately) for PC or Mac, even when the
remote client is running a newer version.

Known Bugs Remaining:

* The Participants Window is slow, does not redraw correctly, sometimes
shows users in the wrong section, etc. We will have a complete replace-
ment for this Window in our next release. Please don't take time to
note specific problems in the Participants Window. The same applies
to the Toolbar under the video windows.

* Audio still is fussy about network performance especially on slower
links. This results in gaps in sound or popping and 'stuttering'.
There is still a substantial delay in the audio receive on the PC
version. Timing improvements for Audio are next on my list.


This is our first release since we converted the code to Microsoft
MFC C++ (Most of the code is still C, but in the Microsoft MFC C++
framework) so there may be new bugs in areas unrelated to the above new

When you first run the new version, you'll see a dialog message
indicating that we now support 64 Gray palettes and have an 'Invert
Palette' option. If your video window comes up inverted or fuzzy
and you have to change something in the File / Video Setup... dialog
please let us know: We need the exact line from your system.ini file
in your /windows directory for msvideo=. Also, the name of the capture
card and the palette mode and invert setting that it works for. Note:
try to get it to work in 64 Gray setting since this gives you a faster
startup time for the application. Only the QuickCam will work in 16
Grays Packed mode at this point.

-Rich Kennerly - PC Windows CU-SeeMe developer. <>