Windows Audio????

Nick Alongi (
Mon, 4 Dec 95 13:39:09 -0800

Hi, I've sent this question through a couple of times, and I'm
still stuck!! My friend and I are trying to use cu-seeme. He's using a
windows machine, and I'm using a mac. (I must say the mac was child splay
to setup, I don't know how windows users put up with all you do) I'm
sending audio, and vid. right now, he only wants to send audio. I have
connected with another windows user, and talked with him without any
problems. It seems my friends windows machine won't send the audio
through. We both have the most current versions, and he has but the DLL's
where the CUSEEME.TXT says to put them. The trouble is, he had all the
other old ones in there before too. Anyways, when he trys to send audio, I
get the blacked out signal on the participants list, which tells me it's
working, but no audio comes through. I can hear some static, but no
speech. This leads me to believe the problem is in the audio setup, or
audio card. Could DOSPATH have anything to do with the problem, if so,
tell me in simplest terms what to do to make it work, I have no experince
with DOS PATH, or where to make those changes. He says his audio meter
level is red, does this signify a clip??? He's using a pro audio spectrum
card, and everthing seems to be connected correctly. Does anyone out there
have any ideas as to how he can get his audio working??? We have tried to
match the same settings as the other windows machine I tested with, but we
still couldnt get anywhere! Please help if you can, we have been wrestling
with this for two months now!!!!!!
Thank you for any assistance