IRC channel #CU-SeeMe

newland (
Mon, 4 Dec 95 15:46:35 CST

To those asking about IRC channel #CU-SeeMe, and to those who are
already part of it:

It exists, but I found it to be the most UNfriendly channel on IRC.
It appears to be only for those who are part of an established group
of 'regulars' who will not even acknowledge your presence. If you
do manage to get a response you will be sent to NASA TV to conduct
your tests alone.

You won't get advice, you won't find anyone to connect to, and you
won't discover which reflector they are on, that is exchanged via
private messages and not leaked out.

This was my experience over a week's time, and I watched many others
receive the same.

My advice: Don't bother.