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chuck elliot (
Tue, 5 Dec 1995 11:50:28 GMT

Note that this error often occurs as a result of cusm trying to identify its own
host, as opposed to identifying a remote machine to connect to, and before
any such connection is attempted. The local hosts file is the usual solution
to this
but is not always successful. Identifying the real cause of this can be very
painful and time consuming but is often something to do with TCP/IP setup -
number of sockets, buffers etc.

>On Sun, 3 Dec 1995, Norman Duncan wrote:
>> I have just downloaded cuseeme but I keep getting the "gethostbyname"
>> message. I am running windows 95. Can someone please help.
>This "gethostname" failure could be a number of problems, in general it
>means some network setup problem. (Like, I did experience the same
>problem using dial-up networking in a friend's computer, in which Netscape
>had worked flawlessly with Trumpet. It turned out that the Dial up
>Adapter was not properly binded to TCP/IP protocol as a result of him
>removing the "existing Ndis2 driver" during/after Win95 installation.
>Check with your network settings, make sure TCP/IP is setup right and try
>changing the DNS to another one (or specifying one if you hadn't); if
>nothing works try use the 32 bit IP addresses instead of the domain names
>for the servers (like instead of
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