Reflector-admin maillist?

Halvor Kise jr. (
Tue, 5 Dec 1995 14:24:00 +0100 (MET)

Hello all of you.

We here at Ostfold College have had problems with lewd behavior at our
reflectors. We have grabbed peoples IP#s and reported to their network
providers. Network providers are usualy willing to help and are closing
the accounts. But it happend that some providers are unwilling to help,
and all we can do is to deny them from our reflector. First I wondered if
this just happened to our reflector. And if not, does all the
reflector-admins have the same problem with the same people as I do?

Now we can all read from Luc's last reflector-list mail:
Reflector list 6 4 December 1995 Please Remove
[stuff deleted]
Dear Luc,
Please remove my reflector from your list.
There has been an incredible increase in
crude and lewd people
on my reflector and I am up to 27 DENY

This has been a problem for many of us. And the problem is not getting
smaller by having 100 reflectoradmins who is not communicating together.
I think we need a system to report to other reflectoradmins who we are
having problems with.
Therefore I am willing to make a new mailinglist for those who are
reflector-admins. At that mailinglist we can give config advices
to eachother and we can use the list to make broadcast reflector networks.

But before I make that mailinglist I wonder if there is anybody who is
interested in joining such a mailinglist. Please send a reply if you are

- Halvor.

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