Re[2]: New Method of VR/Teleconferencing.

Michael Sweger (
Tue, 05 Dec 95 08:40:49 EDT


I'm the one that posted this message. The s/w is now up to
version wchat08b.

This s/w, when installed, acts like a video game. The s/w
doesn't transmit video like cu-seeme, but what is sent is the
position and messages (via chat window) to a server of your
3-D icon character (what they call an avatar). This 3-D
character is first selected from a gallery of icons in picture
frames that you want to impersonate. The s/w then asks for the
name you want to go by: which is then put above your 3-D icon.
You then connect to the server whereby you see all the other
people connected to the server via icons. You can move around
the VR world (in this case a space station) to different chat rooms
and the subtopics of that chat room (using the elevator). The chatting
is done via a chat window. You can also click on the billboards for
messages, the icons to specifically talk to others, and even hear
sounds and background music( with a sound card) as you move around
the station. Supposedly, in the future, conversation will be done
by sending your voice (similar to cu-seeme) along with typing text.

Check it out. I think you'll find it interesting.

Hence, the term VR (virtual reality) teleconferencing, whereby
instead of video you take on the likes of a video game character
and can talk via text (later on maybe your on voice).

Have fun. :)

Mike Sweger

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What does this software do?
ie how is it different from a netscape kind of browsre?
I have not had time to d/l it and find out, and won't until after finals
this month.
Thanks -- you can see I've been holding on to the email note for a long time
and simply have not had time to deal with it yet.
HCCS Distance Learning

On Mon, 2 Oct 1995, Michael Sweger wrote:

> Hello,
> For those interested in new things (toys!) go and get the following
> software from this site. It comes in .exe and .zip format.
> or .zip
> It's about 3megs big. It works only for MS Windows (I don't know if
> it works with Windows 95) and acts like a video game via the internet.
> This is an interesting new method of video-teleconferencing or Virtual
> Reality (VRML) implementation. Try it! You'll like it!
> Their Web page is.
> NOTE: Make sure you get the "s" on this network address or you'll
> end up in Australia. They have a similar name but not exact.
> For those without a DNS their address is
> Have fun!
> Mike Sweger