Roger Namacher (
Tue, 05 Dec 1995 10:17:03 -0500

I am trying to set up Cu-SeeMe for the first time . I have
installed the all the appropriate *.dll in the proper files
and have set up my domain information.I then open up Cu-SeeMe
and try to connect to figuring
that this test reflector will let me know if Cu-SeeMe will
even work on my machine.I get the same message no matter where
I try to connect to " No Response from ...(whatever address I
am trying to connect to)" I then traced the connection to see
if I am even reaching any or a specific IP address and my
trace shows me that I do reach my destination. What could my
problem be ? Do I have to be invited on to a machine? Do I
need some kind of access code to log on to a machine? Cu-SeeMe
itself seems to work in the sense that I do not get any other
error messages , it just receives no answer. If you could
direct me to the answer I would appreciate it. Thankyou.