Re: CUSeeme Live Cameras

Roger Lee Boston (
Tue, 5 Dec 1995 11:36:55 -0600 (CST)

> Is such a thing possible as the following:
> At some location, eg a scenic trail at some national park, or at certain
> points along Trail Ridge Drive near Estes Park Colo:
> - Place a series of QUICKCAMS with a small solar powered packet
> radio to transmit the data stream generated by the quickcam
> (weather hardened of course)
> - At some central site gather these incoming packet streams and
> somehow find a way to address them
> - Connect this central site to the internet and feed the default image
> as CuSeeMe
> - Allow a REMOTE internet user to 'request' a certain input stresm from
> one of those cameras
> Something close to a "virtual" hike in a scenic area, wherein the remote
> (virtual hiker) clicks from one camera to the next to complete the walk --
> and with the added bonus that what that person will be "seeing" via CuSeeMe
> will be actually happening AT THAT MOMENT and showing motion as opposed to the
> live static camera shots out there now. ~~~~~~
> Is it also possible that other 'virtual hikers' might
> encounter one another and relate to each other in some way?
> Roger Boston
> HCCS Distance Learning,