I have some questions.

Kyungsoon 'Sosarian' Park (sosarian@nuri.net)
Wed, 6 Dec 1995 13:38:22 +0900

I have some following question.

1. I wanna be a video/audio sender.
I don't have any camera.
Can I send my voice via sound blaster 16 and microphone only?

2. And please tell me about hardware devices that work with CU-SEEMe
Camera(I think QuickCam), Video capture board and so on.

3. I installed reflector on my Linux machine.
And I connect to my machine from other machine via Windows95.
And I watch refmon, but there is no sender.
How can I be a sender?

4. Is CU-SEEMe support color video?

5. How can I setup reflector to receive mbone session?
I hava a tunnel with MCI directly.
And is it possible to setup mbone router with reflector in a same

Please tell me about these questions.
Thanks very much.