VideoLogic Captivator Cards

Pat Mason (
Wed, 06 Dec 95 09:42:42 -0800

This $99.00 card which works well with CuSeeMe (for those not using a
QuickCam) was rumored to have been discontinued. I recently received a
new catalog from TigerDirect and the board was still listed. After a
little detective work, I learned that the product is listed as a
Captivator Bundle, including the card and some other software.
Evidentally VideoLogic had an agreement with a sofware company to include
their programs with the card. The software company is currently unable
to supply these programs. You can, however, order just the board,
drivers and manual. If you want to do this, be sure to specify so on
your order, or the order may be held up awaiting the other software. We
just received 3 of the cards today, so I know this to be true.

This is a little off topic, but we are using this capture card for its
original intended purpose - capturing video images. With the aid of a
video switching device and the appropriate players/viewers, we can
capture from video tape, 35mm slides, video CDs, and 'real life' using an
Elmo visual presenter. It does an excellent job, better than one
purchased a year and a half for more money! It also works with VidCall.