cu-seeme vs vocaltech

Wed, 06 Dec 95 17:43:01 EST

I am moving to New Zealand and want to get hold of some software like CU-SEEME
so that I don't have an astronomical phone bill. Someone recommended CU-SEEMe
to me and I have also been told about software manufactured by Vocaltech. I
wondered if anyone could tell me the relative merits of these two products.
Also, how do I go about getting more info on CU-SeeMe: is there a manual avail-
able, where do I obtain the software, what kind of additional equipment do I
need? I will be using it with a PowerBook 5300. I will want to communicate with
parents who have IBM-compatible machines. Sorry to sound like such an idiot,
but I'm new to this game. Thanks in advance for any info.
Lisa Bilsky (