Re: ProMovie Studio problems!!!

Steve Loboyko (
Wed, 06 Dec 1995 22:43:40 -0600

> I've finally MADE myself put my ProMovie Studio capture board into my
>system. When I startup CUSeeMe, I see no picture! Keep in mind that I'm
>testing my connection with a VCR vice camcorder (it's easier), while
>connecting to "localhost" (!

I am also a long-suffering PMS board owner, and it now DOES work with the
"invert palette" and "256 grays" settings of CU. The picture is 16 grays,
but at least it's not negative.

I recommend that you make sure that you have the NEWEST PMS driver (dated
6-2-94). If you got the board from Surplus Software, you have an older and
even more flawed driver.

I have had problems connecting to localhost (and yes, it is in my hosts
table); try connecting to yourself (your IP address).You can test this
without being on the internet if you have a hard-wire ethernet connection
and a TCP/IP stack loaded.

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