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Dennis & Clinton (jeff@acay.com.au)
Thu, 07 Dec 95 19:27:16 0000

Hi there,
I live in Sydney Australia (don't know if this makes a difference to
connetion with US as to CU-SeeMe)
I have the following set up:
power macintosh 7200/75
a hayes smartmodem optima 288 v.34/v.f.c + fax
CU-SeeMe O.83b3 (68K)
24meg ram
Connetix Quickcam
downloaded and installed list of reflector sites from CU-SeeMe Home Page
and installed them in nicknames
I can connect to myself but when I try to connect to one of the
reflectors on the connect to list I nearly always get "no response". I
have tried to connect to a friend with CU-SeeMe running under Win 95 but
again the message "no response". Twice I have connected but found only 1
lurker and then lost the connection. Any idea why I can't seem to get a
connection? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time.