Newbius Maximus
Thu, 7 Dec 1995 02:58:26 -0500

Hi all.

I'm completely new to cu, and all I've done so far is download it and watch
some video while listening to garbled audio (I'm 14.4 on a university slip
account). But I need to become an expert fast, because over Christmas, when
I get a chance to visit my folks on the East Coast (I'm in Seattle), I want
to set up their computer so we can videoconference after my return. I'll
only have a day or two to fiddle with it, too.

Me: PB160, hooked up to a color monitor. (I know, I know, but money's a
little tight for a PowerPC right now.... :) ). I've currently got a 14.4
hooked up to a university slip deal (soon, alas, I'll be with a local service
provider for actual $$). I'm going to get a 28.8 modem and a Quickcam. I
have the software, and I've poked around a bit just receiving audio and

Them: MacIIci, 28.8 modem. I'm giving them a Quickcam for Christmas.
They're with a dialup local service provider and know how to surf the web,

Question 1: will this setup work (once it is new and improved with quickcams
and a faster modem on my end)?

Question 2: will the audio and visual quality be bearable with this
hardware? I'm not expecting HDTV or anything. I figure at this price, as my
Dad would say, "It doesn't have to be too good to be satisfactory."

Question 3: what FAQ or homepage will give me the best info on CU-SEEME the
fastest? I particularly need something I can print out and give to my
parents for their reference.

And the final, bonus question: for some reason, when I run cuseeme, the
software acts like I don't have a mike, even though there is one built in to
the PB160. Thoughts?

Seasons greetings to all, and thanks for any help!