Re: Send Rate In 0.84b4

Luc Volders (
Thu, 7 Dec 1995 10:41:40 +0100

>I just installed 0.84b4 on Windows for
>Workgroups but I don't have my QuickCam yet
>-- complains about send rate when I connect
>to reflector -- max/min send rates not
>adjustable in preferences (probably because
>I don't have camera resource yet)
>From: "John K." <>
>Subject: I keep getting a message "Minimum
>Transmission rate is too large (set to 10 or
>less), How do I do that?
>Date: Mon, 4 Dec 1995 21:48:36 -0600
>From: Bruce Arp <>
>Subject: .84 bug, anybody report yet
>Has anybody reported the bug in the .84
>version that it is always trying to send,
>even if you don't have a camera?? This is
>really loading up the servers and with bogus
>senders. Bruce

Ok so I also upgraded to this new version and had the same problem.
There is a fix.
First like someone alreday wrote you can edit the CU-Seeme Ini file
and put max transmission at 9 or so.

Now what you can also do is set the minimum and maximum transmit rates
in your local window.
But where is your local window ?
I was not able to find it anywhere and therefore could not adjust it.

Now I changed from videocard and now have the capability to display 800 x600
resolution and guess what:
Suddenly there was a local video window on my screen !

So try if you can change the resolution in the windows setting program.

The best thing to do is to set resolution back when you have adjusted
the rates.
If you're monitor is not off the multi-frequency type Windows might just
screw your picture if you reboot your machine.
Then you have to install new drivers etc. Tricky stuff for beginners.
(I am talking from experience).


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