Re: Help:Wind/QuickCam Instal...

Johan Stokman (
Thu, 7 Dec 1995 11:13:44 -0600


Would you please follow your own suggestion? (Im getting ready to bomb CU
once & for all ) and take your wonderful, intelligent and informed sence of
humor with you, I don't think we are capable of appreciating it, therefore
most of us ARE offended, and now go away.

> It is obvious that this military dude has no concept of humor... that's
>why he "follows orders" instead of leads the way ...... CHARGE !!!!! "Fouie"
>(sometimes said "Phouie"). Sorry I didn't start this public airing of
>stupidity..... the "Sarge" did.... I deserved the opprtunity to a public
>answer to his stupid public charge.

>Please Email an answer..... Im getting ready to bomb CU once & for all.....
>those mac lovers !!!!!!