PPC 8500 and CUSeeMe

Ron Backman (backman@archimedes.vislab.navy.mil)
Thu, 7 Dec 1995 17:16:46 -0800

I just got my PowerPC 8500 last week and installed Open Transport 1.0.8 and
the PPC Version of CUSeeMe (0.83b3) and a QuickCam is giving me "audio"
fits . I am using only ethernet for my network users. The video seems OK,
but the audio comes across as pure static. I am using the external Apple
PlainTalk Mic.

I've been using the same software/camera on my old PPC 7100/System 7.5 for
some time.

Is there an Open Transport issue I missed somewhere. There sure are with
other applications. I really don't want to go back top MacTCP . Has
anybody got this working?

I welcome any comments

Ron Backman
723100D (VisLab)
Naval Air Warfare Center
China Lake, CA 93555