New Shareware VideoConferencing Software

Bob Summers (
Thu, 07 Dec 1995 23:59:56 +0500

Today, CINECOM has released its TCP/IP version of its CineVideo product
line. It uses a point to point connection method. So there is no reflector
invovled. It runs only on Windows platforms and supports Color and B&W
video. Audio is also supported with both an uncompressed and compressed
setting. It also has an integrated chat application for passing text back
and forth. All you need to connect is a TCP/IP connection.

The following video devices have been tested with this software:
Connectix Quickcam (Both 16 and 64 Grays)
Intel Smart Video Recorder Pro (And any other Indeo 3.2 Raw format Board)
Video Logic Captivator
Video Spigot
Logitec MovieMan

To receive your copy of this program simply go to There
is a link to the new product page on the homepage at that address.

If you have any questions feel free to send them to me.

Thank You,
Bob Summers
Chief Software Engineer
CINECOM Corporation