CUSEEME.INI Documentation

Fri, 8 Dec 95 22:43:36 PST

Where can I find documentation on the CUSEEME.INI
file, the range of values
for various parameters, and the effects on CUSEEME performance
of changing various
values? I am using a ProMovie Spectrum capture card and a
NTSC camera. The picture
I get with MS Video for Windows is fine, but when I launch
CUSM and the local window
opens, the picture is very dark and low contrast which I
cannot seem to improve with
the CUSM controls. This has to be a configuration problem
which can be solved in the
CUSEEME.INI file if I just knew which parameters to change to
what values. For
instance, under my [Capture Settings] section the "Capture
Device Index" and "Palette
Mode" parameters are both set to 0 (zero). What are the
allowable values for these
parameters and what circumstances determine what value(s)
should be used? None of
the .TXT files of FAQ's that I can find have any mention of
the [Debug Controls]
[Flags}[Options][Devices] sections or how they should be used.
What is the "Torque"
parameter in the [Settings] section? What happens if you change it here by editing
(I find no option to change it from the CUSM menus themselves.) What should go in
the [Devices] section?

Finally, will someone please provide a simple answer to this simple question:
If my IP address is dynamically assigned by my ISP, what should my "Hosts" file look
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Date: 12/08/95 Time: 22:12:16
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