Re: -- WHO IS TOM SERVO??? --

ralph muha (
Sat, 9 Dec 1995 01:05:02 -0500

>Good question. What is this thing? In the beginning i thought he was after
>me: I kept seeing his name on *every* reflector i logged into (sometimes
>even twice!)
>My guess:
>a) Tom Servo is a reflector bug
>b) Tom Servo is a joke the folks at cornell are playing on us
>c) Tom Servo is the CU equivalent of the "Killroy was here" graffiti
>d) all of the above
Tom Servo is the name of one of the robot puppets on a very popular
TV show called Mystery Science Theatre 3000, which appears on the
Comedy Central cable channel in the US. A guy named Joel is stranded
on the 'Satellite of Love' where he is forced to watch bad movies
by his colleagues on earth. His only companions are his robot buddies,
Crow, Tom Servo, Gypsy and CamBot. They watch the movies and make
running commmentary, very funny, very satirical...

Apparently, there is some version of CU-SeeMe that has the default
nickname set to Tom Servo...