Eric Sten (stenet@ucunix.san.uc.EDU)
Sat, 9 Dec 1995 02:20:27 -0500

From: Stefaan Quix[]
Sent: Friday, December 08, 1995 4:29 AM
Subject: -- WHO IS TOM SERVO??? --

>site - is it possible? Also, who..or what, is Tom Servo, and why is he
>lurking >everywhere at once?
>Thanks for your time.

Good question. What is this thing? In the beginning i thought he was =
me: I kept seeing his name on *every* reflector i logged into (sometimes
even twice!)
My guess:
a) Tom Servo is a reflector bug
b) Tom Servo is a joke the folks at cornell are playing on us
c) Tom Servo is the CU equivalent of the "Killroy was here" graffiti
d) all of the above

In this case Tom Servo is none of the above. This is the default name =
that the PC version of CU-SeeMe uses. It just means that the person who =
is using the software either doesn't know HOW to change the default =
name, or chooses not to. This should clear up any questions. <G>

Eric Sten

p.s. Yes, I AM a PC user, but I don't use Tom Servo, look for Deamon@UC =
or Deamon@Home

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