Unsupported function--using miroVideo DC1 capturing card!

Sat, 9 Dec 1995 16:11:29 -0800

I have a miroVideo DC1 video capturing card, running MS-Windows 3.1 . when
I start up the CU-SeeMe , the system prompt the information dialogBox with
message "Unsupported funtion!", while the status bar show the message
"initializing capturing panel...", can anyone tell me what is the problem ?
The following is my PC's config:
Intel DX2-66
MS-DOS 6.2 and MS-Windows 3.1
Trumpet Winsock
Quicktime installed
the miroVideo DC1 (that works smoothly in U-Lead videoStudio and Adobe Premiere
FlexCam from VideoLabs.

( By the way, I found the miroVideo DC1 in the compatible list packed with
CU-SeeMe )
Thank in advance !
Jeffery.Hung 95.12.09