Re: Iomega ZIP vs SyQuest EZ135 [external parallel versions]

Joseph F. Dymon (
Sat, 9 Dec 1995 06:10:45 -0600 (CST)

>..anyone have hands-on opinion about either/both of these drives?
>..i read somewhere online that the Zip seems more rugged, and is smaller,
>..while the EZ is faster, 35mb more capacity, but the writer had problems
>with the door (?)

Paul, I've been using the EZ135 IDE internal drive for a couple of months.
I love it! It's very fast and easy to use. I'm running it under Windows
95. The free software which comes on each cartridge hasn't been updated for
Windows 95 but the drivers and setup files can be downloaded from the
SyQuest Web Page.

Since the cartridge is spinning at a very high speed, SyQuest I believe
designed the load/unload procedure to assure the user doesn't try to remove
the cartridge before it's stopped spinning. Once it's stopped, you have to
push the extract lever to the left which pushes out the cartridge allowing
you to remove it. So it doesn't just spring out for you. It's an
additional step but nothing I'd consider significantly annoying.

I'd highly recommend the it.