GUS and CUSeeMe
Sat, 09 Dec 1995 08:09:55 -0800

Hello -
I have a question regarding CUSeeMe and Windows95.
Currently I am using Windows 95 with the Gravis Ultrasound
Max. I get audio consistently in Windows 95 with the
recommended Gravis drivers v5.51. However, when ever I
load CUSeeMe to use with my Connectix QuickCam for
Windows I lose all audio on my system until I reboot. Not
just audio within CUSeeMe or only while running CU. I can
play WAV files or see sound playing, but nothing comes
through the soundcard to the speakers.
I have tried both the latest version of CUSeeMe from
Cornell (v.84b4) and the WhitePine build 1.0a1.1of CUSeeMe.
Accoding to the docs for the Cornell version the Gravis
Ultrasound is compatible with the CUSeeMe release v.84b4.
I was wondering if you may have some suggestions
or be able to tell me what I could do to alleviate this
incompatibility. If you require any further information, such
as port settings, etc. I would be happy to provide them.

Thank you very much.

Christian Quackenbush
"Tiefer...Tiefer...irgendwo in der Tiefe gibt es ein Licht."