Re: -- WHO IS TOM SERVO??? --

Stephen Edgar (
Sat, 9 Dec 1995 12:42:16 -0500 (EST)

Tom Servo is a reference to the wise cracking "robot" on Mystery Science
Theater 3000, a comedy television show in the U.S. which made an art form
of making fun of really bad movies. When I first wrote the Windows
version of CU-SeeMe (way back when), I was doing so, at night, in addition
to my "day job". A friend had given me some "MST 3K" tapes, and they
seemed even funnier after coding late into the evening. So, when
presented with an opportunity to provide a default string in the "Your Name"
field of the Windows CU-SeeMe Preferences dialog, the string used by the
Mac version ("Your Name") seemed a bit too boring, and "Tom Servo" made it
in, with a bit a figurative wink. If folks do not type in a name in the
Preferences dialog, the default string "Tom Servo" gets used when they
connect. Otherwise, whatever they type in gets used (and saved).

-- Steve.

On Fri, 8 Dec 1995, Stefaan Quix wrote:

> >site - is it possible? Also, who..or what, is Tom Servo, and why is he
> >lurking >everywhere at once?
> >Thanks for your time.
> >Bill
> Good question. What is this thing? In the beginning i thought he was after
> me: I kept seeing his name on *every* reflector i logged into (sometimes
> even twice!)
> My guess:
> a) Tom Servo is a reflector bug
> b) Tom Servo is a joke the folks at cornell are playing on us
> c) Tom Servo is the CU equivalent of the "Killroy was here" graffiti
> d) all of the above
> greetz,
> stefaan
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