Re: PMac 7200/90 and CUSM0.83b3

Mark Edmond (
Sat, 9 Dec 1995 13:43:39 -0500

>> I've been experiencing problems with CU-SeeMe and would greatly
>>appreciate any help/insight that anyone could provide.
>> When I run version 0.83b3 ppc on my Power Mac 7100/90 I am able to
>>send audio and video successfully. I am also able to receive audio, but
>>the video reception does not work correctly. I always see a blank video
>>screen from the sender at the other end (whether it be a direct IP address
>>connect or reflector site). Occasionally, when I drag the video screen a
>>little so that it will have to be redrawn, a few squares of the image show
>> In addition to this video problem, I frequently lose partial
>>contact with the person at the other end. The video window of me will
>>freeze all of a sudden and I will not be able to hear any audio sent from
>>the other end. At this point, I have to quit, load up a separate copy of
>>CUSM and reconnect.
>>Please let me know if you know of anything I can do!
>>Mark Edmond
>Assuming that VRAM in your configuration is up to spec, then I would
>suppose that you should set your monitor down to gray scale (4-16 bit).
>That should do the trick provided that, of course, you have no conflicting
>extensions related to the serial port or display (QuickDraw).
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> | Mike Lawler email: |

Thanks for the suggestion, but, as far as I know, it is not possible to set
the video depth below 8 bits (256 colors or grays) on desktop Powermacs.
Anyway, my local video window works perfectly well, so I doubt the problems
have much to do with video display hardware.

I am beginning to think that CU-SeeMe is simply not compatible with PMac
7200's yet. Does anyone else out there run CU-SeeMe on a 7200? I would
really appreciate any replies to this question or further help with the
above problems!