Binky (
Sat, 9 Dec 1995 20:39:28 -0600

I was wondering if anyone could offer any suggestions to possibly remedy my
problem. I can't seem to set the data rate in the preferences window, and
so I kicked off of reflectors for having the data rate set incorectly...


Worship the Triumverate of ASLAN. Dharva SPISPOPD, Dharva Binky, and Dharva

I, the chief priest of Dharva Binky will here entail his full and glorious name:

Dharva Not-A-Shaolin-Monk Binky of the Boggled Brain, BOO, MOT, KSC, CUB,
OSR, DDS, PHB, Jr.RS, SOP, MotZM, Trollop, IDKFA

Dharva -- Title of respect, indicating wisdom and knowledge;
also reaffirms the title bearer's genetic humanity.
Not-A-Shaolin-Monk -- Self Explanitory

Binky -- the Name

Boggled Brain -- Binky has the rare ability to cloud his own mind,
not unlike 'The Shadow', but different, and real.

BOO -- Intended to frighten the reader
MOT -- Master of Tagramat
KSC -- Keeper of the Sacred Chao
CUB -- Complete and Utter Bastard
OSR -- Order of the Stoned Rhino
DDS -- Designated Disagreement Specialist
PHB -- Doctor of Boggle Philosophy
Jr.RS -- Junior RoboSatan
SOP -- Slug of Power!
MotZM -- Master of the Zen Mind
Trollop -- His Female Degredational Patronym
IDKFA -- "Very Happy Ammo Added"