How to receive Audio

Sun, 10 Dec 1995 16:21:29 +0100

I am located in Paris - FRANCE and try to get used with CUSM.In others
words :I am a roocky of the year.
My Hard:Mac 840 AV;RAM 24M;H.D:1G
Modem:Platinum de Global Village 28.800bauds
Camera:CCD TR 2000 ;PAL;from SONY
Soft:CU-SeeMe 0.83b3(68k)
My provider is World-Net.
When CUS is launched I perfectly get my video Window.Image quite good.
When connected (via reflector in NORWAY;IP I always have my
Video Window with good image.When speaking I can see the Vu-Meter
reacting,with full amplitude.
When I click in a window from a participant:My image almost freeze,is
poorly refreshed like the participant one.If i speak , Vu_Meter is full,but
I have no way to know if I am audio received and how good.The image I get
is poor and with no sound.
When pushing , or not ,the mic icon it's very hard to recognize the
difference ( for me I mean !)
I choose the audio encoding DVI 32K.Anyway it's the same with the 64k ISDN
or the 16K delta-mod.But what must I do as choice between 20,50 ou
What can I do to get a fairly good connexion , both Audio and Video.Are
they some miraculous ( or simply unknowm by me! )settings , which
?pleaaaaaase !
Thanks to the one =8A
Regards and looking forward hearing, no,=8A reading you.