Using CUSeeMe 0.83b3-questions

Richard Wolfert (
Sun, 10 Dec 1995 17:47:35 +0000

Great concept. I am really enjoying learning about CUSeeMe.

2 brief questions.

1-I am setting up with an 8mm camcorder. The picture transmission
looks fairly good. I am receiving a message, however, upon starting
up CUSeeMe <Unable to find any input devices. Continue in audio
receive-only mode?> I felt that both audio and video connections
were OK. Still no recognition of audio (which is abviously part of
the camcorder). By the way, using a Mac 660AV with system 7.1.

2-When asked to keep bandwidth low on some reflectors; what are
acceptable/recommended settings to satisfy this request?

3-Heard of a newer version that will handle audio reception better
on 14.4k modems. Anything in this? When?

Richard Wolfert