Cu-seeme/Quickcam w/Mac PPC freezes

John R. Tuchner (
Sun, 10 Dec 1995 17:32:20 -0600

I have been monitoring this group for awhile and have seen several
inquiries about a problem I share. That is cu-seeme freezing while running
with quickcam installed.

Originally had cusee-me (68k) up and running without problems for one
evening. Next day same set-up with no changes would freeze about 1 minute
into a cu-seeme session, requiring disconnect and reboot to get any kind of
net access with other net software (netscape, fetch, etc).

I have tried numerous fixes, different versions of cu-seeme from 68k to
PPC, clean reinstalls, new ppp/tcp software, more memory, upto reformatting
hard drive and reinstall clean system, all without being able to get
cu-seeme to operate with quickcam. It runs fine without camera on the
0.83b3 (PPC) version.

Any ideas would be appreciated, I've emailed, Cornell, White Pines, and
Connectix all without response. Being I've virtually reinstalled everything
could it be a hardware problem? Something in the camera itself that is
causing the freeze? Although the camera seems to work fine outside of

Thanx in advance

John R. Tuchner It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards.
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