Tom Servo

Bob Wallace (
Sun, 10 Dec 1995 18:43:51 -0500

>Date: Fri, 8 Dec 1995 10:29:11 +0100
>From: (Stefaan Quix)
>Subject: -- WHO IS TOM SERVO??? --
>Message-ID: <v01510100acedc33215d3@[]>
>>site - is it possible? Also, who..or what, is Tom Servo, and why is he
>>lurking >everywhere at once?
>>Thanks for your time.
>Good question. What is this thing? In the beginning i thought he was after
>me: I kept seeing his name on *every* reflector i logged into (sometimes
>even twice!)
>My guess:
>a) Tom Servo is a reflector bug
>b) Tom Servo is a joke the folks at cornell are playing on us
>c) Tom Servo is the CU equivalent of the "Killroy was here" graffiti
>d) all of the above
Stefann -

Those are great guesses, and much better than the simple facts: 'Tom Servo'
is the
default user name put in CU-SeeMe preferences when it is sent out. If the
user doesn't edit the preferences to put in his/her own name, he continues
to be known as 'Tom Servo'. I only found out when I noticed the Tom Servo
was following me around wherever I went with CU-SeeMe, like a shadow.
Finally realized it was my own 'name' as far as CU-SeeMe was concerned.

- Bob Wallace