New VideoConferencing ListServer

Bob Summers (
Mon, 11 Dec 1995 12:41:17 +0500

CINECOM has started a listserver on our system to support discussion on
videoteleconferencing technology. It will also serve as a direct link to
the exciting developments of CineVideo/Direct. To join the CineVideo
listserv, send a message to with no subject and the
following line in the message:

SUBSCRIBE cinevideo My Name

SUBSCRIBE cinevideo John Doe

There is additional support for the listserv on the CineVideo/Direct web
page at

For those of you with CineVideo/Direct already, there is a new version
available at Version 1.04 is out and is working great.
I extend thanks to all of you who have participated in tested of this
dynamic product.

Bob Summers
CINECOM Chief Software Engineer