Re: Problems - Want to Downgrade!!
Mon, 11 Dec 95 10:43:00 PST

I found the windows is there its off screen. GO and make a backup of
your cuseeme.ini file in your windows directory. Delete it. Then run
cuseeme to create a new one.

After you do this merge back in your target address section of the
cuseeme.ini file. and it will take care of it.


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Subject: Problems - Want to Downgrade!!
Author: at ww-internet
Date: 12/8/95 10:49 PM

Where can I get a W0.83 version of CU=SeeMe?? The .84 version simply won't
run on my Win95 PC - this latest release doesn't even give me my local
window! I'm just trying to receive video and was able to quite nicely
before these latest releases.