Quick Cam Problem

guenter Strubinsky (strubinsky@acm.org)
Mon, 11 Dec 1995 21:50:58 -0600

Well, I am no specialist in data communication. but ...

... if I just need a 2 party conversation, is it really useful to go
from home/office --> InterNet --> home/office

With strong backbones and T1 lines, you can transfer data very fast, but
the weak point is still the connection h/o --> InterNet provider and the
other way round. I really don't know, why a direct connection with two (
maybe proprietary ) high quality modems should not be better suited than
the connection over the InterNet ( besides of the price ). I want to
keep contact with my daughter in Germany. There you pay around 85 $ per
month for a METERED SLIP/PPP connection plus long distance costs. So the
cost factor is reversed in this situation. Is there something missing in
my thinking ? Or is CU-SeeMe layed out for InterNet Access only ?

Any hints are appreciated
Btw. Lincoln, NE does not even provide ISDN !!!!