Re: Reflector list - like Netscape bookmark file?

Michael Sweger (
Tue, 12 Dec 95 09:13:53 EDT


I agree with this.

The MRU option is not useful to me. I usually
categorize all my sites alphabetically, by country, edu or by some
other category. Therefore, with the MRU option it puts all my sites
out of order and is a pain to have to go thru the entire list looking
for a site when its not in alphabetic order. For those that want this,
make a button that activates or deactivates this option.

In addition, I'd like to see a button that allows me to add and remove
a site. I would like the automatic add feature removed since I may
only be going there only today or if a enter a typo the site is added
and can't be removed. I would like the option to remove a site that
is no longer up and running. I'd prefer not to have to use the DOS
EDIT to edit the .INI file and renumber all the sites in numerical
order by hand.

These should be simple USER INTERFACE options to implement and would
be considered pretty much a mandatory thing, particularily as CUSEEME
is becoming a commericial product.

Mike Sweger

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Subject: Reflector list - like Netscape bookmark file?
Author: at DDN/Internet
Date: 12/12/95 6:43 AM

It seems to me it would be nice to have a list of reflectors the way
Netscape does its bookmark files. An ordered list, and each item can be
a sub-menu; and for each entry in a sub-menu, it can be a real item or
another sub-menu. This is very flexible, and allows one to organize all
their links. You choose the one you want with your mouse.

Wouldn't this also be good for cuseeme? That kind of format, with its
several layers of sub-menuing?


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