RE: No Response. message from reflector.

Bernard Varaine (
Wed, 13 Dec 1995 08:13:58 +-1300

It is working today .....

I chnage a few things in my setup and luck or .. it is Ok Now..



From: chuck elliot[]
Sent: Wednesday, December 13, 1995 6:41 AM
Subject: Re: No Response. message from reflector.

Possible causes:
host is down - test with ping
reflector is down - contact reflector admin
firewall is blocking udp packets - contact your network admin
dns not working - test with ping or resolver


>All the reflectors I tried so far came back with No response. Do You have
>any idea of what could be wrong. PC , Windows 95 , and latest Beta. I also
>tried the pine beta, same problem..
>Help me ....
>PS: All my other internet app are working fine.(Netscape, and others )
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