Getting the Captivator Pro/TV to work ALMOST !!

jka (
Tue, 12 Dec 1995 21:59:45 -0000

I've seen a number of references from people who have had
problems when using VideoLogics Captivator Pro & Pro/TV.
The symptom was a GPF somewhere in TGCAPDRV.DRV
as soon as CU-seeme was started.

After some toying around I have managed to resolve this
problem. Basically using Videologics TIGVSNAP program
to setup the Window size and Video Format DOESN'T WORK !!
I think that CU-seeme doesn't read the .INI file that is generated
Use the 'VIDCAP' program that comes with the Video for
Windows disks/cd to Setup the window size of 160x120 and a
8-bit Palette.

Once you have done this it'll get you past the GPF. BUT...
The next part is to get past the Diagonal Lines that will appear
in the 'self-view' window. It's as though CU-seeme has placed
the Captivator Pro into Preview, which it doesn't support.
You'll notice that a couple of times the Selfview window slows
up, as though its sending various unsupported commands via
the mci interface.

So the question is Can anyone get CU-Seeme past the Diagonal

Anyone else like to add to this to complete it ?