Reflector Bug report 4.00b3

Joseph M Izen (
Tue, 12 Dec 1995 16:20:40 -0600

>From UNIX:
OSF1 version 2.0 240 alpha: NV version 3.3beta and VAT version 4.0a

is unable to communicate with a Mac CU-SeeMe session (0.83b3) using a
4.00b3 reflector running on an HP735, HPUX 9.0.1 On the Mac, I get a gray
window and no sound from the nv/vat client. I have had the same trouble
with an alpha trying to communicate with me from a different site. nv/vat
sessions from Sun and RS6000 to work on the HP reflector

The same Mac (in texas) and alpha (in alaska) were able to communicate
sucessfully through a an SGI CU-SeeME reflector, version 4.00B3 on IRIX
version 5.2. We suspect the problem is with the the reflector, not nv/vat.
Could this be a big/little endian problem?

We were not able to communicate (nv/vat <=> mac) using a UNICAST link
between the HP735 and the SGI. Refmon on the HP showed the link, and the
clients on the SGI, but that was all. We didn't see/hear eachother.

Please contact me or Vladimir ( if I've left
anything out. -Joe Izen