Rakke,Frank,FP (
Wed, 13 Dec 95 11:14:00 CET

We write an article in a national dutch magazine about phone systems for the
We would greatly appreciate if you will be so kind to answer this
Due to the fact that we do not have an overview of all the functions of the
program, it is possible that
there is a question in the list that is not provided as an option in your
phone system.
If so, just enter a "0" as grading.

We thank you very much and if you have a question about Internet
phonesystems, maybe we can help you.
Kind regards, Robert and Frank.

Explaining numbers:
0 = This option is not available in this phone system.
1 = Poor and not userfriendly
2 = It can be better but it works
3 = Not bad and not good
4 = No opinion
5 = Userfriendly
6 = Perfect, can't be better



What kind of computer and modem do you use?
Speed of modem (14k4/28k8/ISDN)

How is the soundquality (under which circumstances)?

How are the images?

Which camera do you use?

How are the responses when you call local and long distance?

How many years/months/weeks are you connected to Internet?

Why do you use Internet?
to search for information for your study,
for your profession,
for amusement

How many years/months/weeks do you use CuSeeMe?

Do you have a nice/remarkable/outragious/most-suprising experience/story
about using CuSeMee?
Can you describe this experience/story?

Did you have experience with another Internet telephone software products?
If yes: if you compare the soundquality of the two brands, which is better
and why?
if you compare the softwarepossibilities, which is better and

What kind of communication is possible?
Half duplex
Full duplex

Can you multicast to groups?
Can you Broadcast?

How do you make a connection with an other user?
Connection through a phone server (one server or more?)
Restricted (private) phone server
Connection by IP address
Connection by E-mail address
Connection otherwise (please explain)

What kind of compression is possible?
ADPCM Compression
GSM Compression
LPC Compression
PCM Compression
Proprietary compression


Does it support the Real Time Protocol support and/or VAT?


How long did it take to install CuSeeMe?
Is there a free demo available and which version do you use?
How is the documentation (helpfiles) of the phonesystem?


Which platforms are available for the phonesystem and what platform do you
Windows (version)

I hope you have the time to answer my questions.
If so I thank you very much.
Kind regards,
Robert and Frank