Help: No Audio Input

David Reider (dreider@BBN.COM)
Wed, 13 Dec 1995 09:57:25 -0500

After a recent total system loss, reinstall, extensions, prefs, everything,
whenever I launch CUSM I get the message: "Unable to find any audio input
devices, continue in audio receive mode..."

Mac 840AV, AudioVision 14 monitor/mike, Color CCD camera, system 7.5,
ethernet to T1 Internet. All was working previously. Tried .83b3, .83b2,
and even the previous two versions. Apple CD ROM, sound control panels, and
Apple QuickTime Conferencing find a sound input path fine. Must be isolated
to CUSM. Tried the extensions conflicts as well. Thanks- I'm in the middle
of a big research project and must get my sound back!!!

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